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A Cornish Dream

A Cornish Dream



You can feel the salt worn walls of the beautiful St Ives cottages, nestled together in a wonderful bustling crowd. The seagulls call overhead, the sea a cobalt blue, gently washing away your worries. The sand is soft and welcoming and amongst the smell of sun dried seaweed is the mouth watering aroma of steaming fish and chips, winding it's way through cobbled streets and tourists.

We all have our own vivid recollections of times spent by the ocean and St Ives (as most would agree) stands amongst some of our favourites - bursting with life and creative energy, welcoming young and old to its familiar shores.

A CORNISH DREAM has been created from a variety of hand collected and ground pigments found across the country. Oak root soil, sands from beaches, river clays, sages and mountain earth make up it's deep and dramatic texture. Each has recently been mixed with snow, collected and melted to produce an exceptionally pure water.

A CORNISH DREAM is available framed.

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