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'A N C E S T R A L'

Linked to the land both in body and soul, 'Ancestral' has been created with the most beautiful pigments. The thick charcoal layers at its base and white cloudy top have really created a sense of the endless sky and the landscape below.
Running across its centre is a dramatic vein of wood which was taken from a fallen tree in Gowers Ancient forest. Though the exact age of the tree is unknown, it's tremendous size suggests hundreds upon hundreds of years of age. Dried over 6 weeks before being made into paint, this incredible material adds so much history and energy to the canvas.
The many layers of 'Ancestral' can be seen seeping through the top pigments - symbolic of the extensive heritage of our own land.

Finished with 22 carat Latin gold, 'Ancestral' is available framed.

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