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'Ancient Lands'

'Ancient Lands'


'A N C I E N T L A N D S'


A smaller sister to the 'Dance of the Highlands' and 'Call of the Mountains', 'Ancient Lands' embodies the British landscape with its range of earthy pigments.

Created using soils from Scottish Mountains Ben Lawers and Bein Ghlas (as well as Welsh peaks), this piece also has one of my favourite natural pigments at its core. The beautiful rusty red that runs through the centre comes from a clay found on Pen Y Fan mountain - the highest in southern Britain. The texture has also been built up using wood from a fallen tree in Gowers ancient forest. After the extensive 6 week drying process, the wood is ground down to a flakey consistency in order to keep some of that recognisable texture before being mixed and added to the piece.

The natural pigments in 'Ancient Lands' is are also mixed using both natural rain water and water from a stream deep in the heart of the Black Mountains.
Finishing this dramatic painting is a thick vein of 22 carat Latin Gold.

Available framed.

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