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'Though she be but little, she is fierce'. Shakespeare ~ 'A Midsummers Night Dream'.

No words have ever described one of my smaller pieces so perfectly. 'Fire' is the 4th of my Element series to be published. At the core of this original are layers of dense 'wild' charcoal and ash, that give this piece it's inexhaustible energy and firey spirit. Weaving throughout the layers are warming ochre paints that have been mixed with powdered tree root and my favourite Pen Y Fan river red clay.

To quite literally top it off, Fire has an extremely heavy layer of my latest ground Mussel shell pigment that was collected, washed and loosely ground to leave that signature chunky texture.

Finally, finishing this dramatic original are flowing lines carved into the paint - set to symbolise the gentle upward flow of smoke as well as a glittering section of 22carat gold added to the embers at its base.

Available framed

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