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Gold Flare


Inspired by my own sighting of a beautiful kingfisher on the river Usk in Monmouthshire, this densely textured piece calls on memories of thick Autumn foliage, fallen twigs and riverbank clutter. Mimicking the beautiful rusted tones of red and oranges, ochres and mustards, there is a spirit of the turning year in this painting.

Weaving it's way through the paint is pigment from the summit of Scottish munros Ben More and Ben Nevis. Gower sands and river water from welsh Peak Cadair Idris are more subtle but locked into its buttery base layer. In any light, the bronzes shine and sit iridescently with the heavy layer of 22 carat Latin gold.

This is a dramatic original full of character and energy and the second in my Autumn Spirit series.

This painting will be going to a Gallery in Pembrokeshire tomorrow. If you're interested in buying this piece, do let me know asap.

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