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'J O U R N E Y'

Standing at 14x18", this original has so much to offer.

I created 'Journey' with little intention of it being a nautical piece. In fact, it began life with many more blacks and browns than it did Blues. But as the layers progressed, the character developed. Then, through the sea foam burst a vessel. Though it wasn't painted intentionally, the undisputable bow of a boat took form. I flowed with it, developed it and brought her further to the foreground.

Created with coastal pigments, 'Journey' may be smaller than the others I've created, but it has no less heart.
The browns are from clays dug from Gowers beautiful rusted earth, Prussian blues were added to the charcoals found in an ancient forest to create an intense ocean hue and sandy soils were lightened to become clouded sea sprays. Journey has then been finished with a layer of hand hammered Italian silver.

This piece is something we call all relate to. Wherever we're currently going, whatever our path, remember - it's the Journey and not the destination that counts and we can always, always break through the storm.

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