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The first instalment of the Autumn Spirit series.

This dramatic original is a wonderful representation of the depth of Autumn. Her shimmering copper and bronze tones catch the light from every angle, while her dappled 22 carat gold gives this piece a luminous and luxurious quality. Inspired by a recent encounter with a Kingfisher on the Usk River in Monmouthshire, I've added a streak of vivid turquoise that darts between the rusted leaves and reflections.

With its wild charcoal, sands from Gower Peninsula and earth from the Scottish Munro Schiehallion (who's name translates as 'The Fairy Hill of the Caledonians'), 'Kingfisher' has an intensely creamy texture that compliments the addition of scattered wood taken from a fallen tree in Gower's Ancient forest.

Running through the veins of this piece and used to mix the pigment, is river water from the beautiful and dramatic Cadair Idris mountain in Wales.

'Kingfisher' will be going to a Pembrokeshire Gallery tomorrow. If you're interested in purchasing it before hand, do let me know asap.

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