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'O R I G I N'


Inspired by the eye of an Alaskan Malamut, 'Origin' has something of an ancient quality to it.

The first of its kind as a large circular original, 'Origin' has been produced using newly created pigments. The intense ochre at its core is my latest 'River Red' - a pure paint which takes its colour entirely from a rich clay found on the banks of a stream that runs down Pen Y Fan (Southern Britain's highest mountain). The soft brown/grey tones are also from the same location, just inches away from the red - showing just how diverse this mountains stratigraphy really is.
The blacks are my old familiar charcoals, ground down from the burn wood found in a fire pit in Gowers ancient Forest.

With an almost cosmic atmosphere, this piece has a full ring of 22 carat gold that really draws you into its heart.
Finally at its centre, the deep texture has been created from ground wood. The wood itself was taken from a fallen tree (also in Gowers ancient forest) and has been dried over a 2 month period before being ground down and mixed to a paste. The energy it still holds is undeniable.

'Origin' is available framed.

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