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'Salt Worn Harbour'

'Salt Worn Harbour'


16x23" original


A harbour worn by sea salt and coast, this painting is connected to the land more than you'd expect. The brilliant browns and rich ochres have been created using clays and soils from the beautiful Gower Peninsula - which I am luck enough to live on. The deep black texture comes from grinding down the charcoal I found in the ashes of an abandoned firepit, located itself in an ancient woodland. But moreso, 'Salt Worn Harbour' has an ethereal quality. The hazy greys are a result of making sage into paint. Taken from the leaves of a smudging stick, the sage creates not only a powdery, almost silver shimmer, but leaves a trace of an earthy, herbal aroma when close to the paint. I love the energy of this piece, the rusty colours and the natural texture that comes from making my own pigment.

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