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Her mystery and beauty are unparalleled, at night she rides across the heavens in her moon charot.. 
Selene was the Greek Moon goddess. Sister of the sun god Helios, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and known to the Romans as Luna. 

Though in mythology Artemis and Hecate were associated with our silvery satellite, it was only Selene that was seen as the personification of the moon itself. 

This celestial original is the only piece to have ever been created with the dramatic disc design - representative of our Moon in her full and dark phases. The pigment is heavily applied, combining dense Mussel shells to its base, a band of wild charcoal at its centre and cloudy grey Pen Y Fan river clay wandering throughout. 
Selene's energy doesn't end with the heavenly - she has a heart of ground Oak root and a soul of mountain earth. 

Finishing the Moon is a considerable layer of Italian hand hammered silver, giving this piece an incredible etherial shine. 
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