The second in the set of three 14x18" originals.

Created with a generous mix of deep rusted browns and icy sea greys, 'Solice' is a place that keeps you safe during the storm. Inspired by some of our most beautiful island harbours, the hints of coastal cottages set against an intense backdrop will add drama and intrigue to your wall. Using pigments from the peaks of Scottish Munro's and powdered charcoals from fire pits found deep in the forest, the natural colours have been lifted with pure rain water and Titanium White paint. Split into two, this dramatic scene hints at the storms above, but also depicts the safety and security of home harbour below.. Something I think we can all relate to in recent times. We can and always have weathered the storm.

'Solice' is finished with a thick clouded band of genuine hand hammered Italian silver. A silvery hint at a calmer and gentler time shining through.

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