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9.5 x 12"

As the third in this Elemental 'miniature' series, 'Soul' is a very different creature from my usual work. Though it's smaller in size, it is no less dramatic. Split almost completely in two by opposing sections of paint, 'Soul' represents the light and dark in all of us. The balance of yin and Yang.

Created using ground Mussel shells, this gravel like Ocean pigment was collected from Gower beaches, as well as beautiful sands taken during our recent wild weather.

'Soul' has a dense area of wild charcoal - the texture of which has left exposed at the top of the piece. Ancient tree root (taken from the root ball of an ancient Oak that fell in the winter storms) has also been woven into 'Soul', as it created a very fine pigment that acted as an incredibly smooth paste once mixed with a binder.

Finishing 'Soul' are scatterings of genuine hand hammered Italian Silver.

With an energy like no other, this small original would make an incredible addition to any home.

'Soul' is available framed or unframed.

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