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The Winter Way

The Winter Way


Standing tall at 24x36" this is a piece unlike any other I have created. Known across the world by a variety of names such as The Birds Path, The Silver River, The Great Fence of Stars or 'The Winters Way' (to the Scandinavians), we perhaps know her better as 'The Milky Way'..

Created using masses of thick pigment for the cold mountain landscape below, the earth from Welsh and Scottish mountain ranges dance across the canvas. Mixing Black Mountain river water with dense areas of charcoal found deep in Gowers Ancient Forest, you get a sense of the drama this piece oozes.
The sky and it's celestial charm has been created using beautiful Prussian blues, lilacs and clouded whites. The sky is gently textured using soft sands from our beautiful coastline and amongst this magical galaxy, you'll find stars of hand hammered Italian Silver.

What can you see? Frozen, sleeping, snow capped peaks or the moonlit crests of a raging sea?

'The Winter Way' is available framed.

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