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Through the Stone Cottages

Through the Stone Cottages




We can all recall those peaceful warm days wandering down a cottage lined road. Whether that's a coastal town in Cornwall or a quaint village in the Cotswolds, the happiness those memories bring are priceless. 

'Through the stone cottages' has been created using some of my more 'gentle' pigments. At its core is a rich helping of beautiful sand from the Gower Peninsula, which has allowed me to achieve that overall soft grainy texture. The almost grey brown tones are one of my favourite Pen Y Fan soils (southern Britain's highest mountain) - taken from the bank of a stream that runs along the mountains base. There is also earth from the summit of the beautiful Scottish Munro 'Bein Ghlass', which has given me the softest golden brown pigment I have in my collection. Additionally I have added a mix of ground tree root from a fallen ancient oak that I acquired after the last storms.

Finally, mixed into 'Through the Stone Cottages' is pure river water from the staggering Black Mountains.


'Through the Stone Cottages' asks you to take a moment and remember the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere of the beautiful British towns and villages that we all love.'






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