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'T R A N S C E N D'

Standing at 14x18", Transcend really is a big spirit in a smaller frame. There are over 20 layers on this piece, from transparent washes to heavy textured pastes, dappled inks and currents of 22 carat gold.

Being a fully abstract piece, the subject is in the eye of the beholder. Ocean torrents or views of the earth from space, clouded skies or intense mountain ranges - Transcend takes your imagination to a whole new level.

As the last of the smaller originals to be available for some time, I've used a wide range of pigment sources to create it. Soils from Scottish and Welsh peaks, grey sage, charcoals, ground wood and Coastal clays make up the spirit of 'Transcend'. Theres no doubting that this piece is a dramatic one which truly exudes a wonderful earthy energy.

'Transcend' is available

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