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Velvet Dingles

Velvet Dingles


Velvet Dingles


Perhaps one of my more dramatic scenes, 'Velvet Dingles' represents the thick stoned cottages that nestle amongst the base of the Welsh hills - the old sheets left out once more for the night air to chill and the morning dew to kiss.

Making up the body of this piece is my newest pigment - crushed Mussell shells from the Gower coastline. Alongside sands and thinly layered charcoal, 'Velvet Dingles' also has a grey Pen Y Fan river clay, which when mixed gives the white cottages that aged and weathered yellow edge.

A nod to Dylan Thomas, the cottages are traditionally Welsh and reminiscent of those found in Laugharne, Pembrokeshire and North Wales.

Available immediately unframed or Framed upon request.

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